CEO Daniel :
Back to 2000, when we exported the first hard candy depositing machine to Turkey, and I led a team to the site for commisioning.
The initial commisioning process was not smooth. We encountered many problems, so that the customer asked us "are you here to repair the machine?" This deeply stimulates us and makes us work harder to solve the problems.
After the commissioning was completed, we trial-produced one kind of  coffee-flavored candy for the customer.At that time, Turkey only had one second-hand equipment from Europe manufacturing similar products, which resulted in high product prices. The equipment provided by us needs much less investment and also offers another solution, which makes it possible to reduce the price of this type of candy in the market.
Our customer is pleased and purchased another production line .As he told : More children will be able to taste this candy!
Till today ,our target is still to let more children taste the best candy ,and to perfect your sweet life!

Perfect your sweet life
Perfect your sweet life
Perfect your sweet life ! D&R Machinery is professional confectionery machine manufacturer with over 20 years in the business operating at the highest industry standards。We’ve built a reputation on engineering, designing and delivering high performance total-solution confectionery machinery to clients with absolute precision around the world.
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